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Engine Tune Ups to Keep Your Vehicle Running

When Is The Last Time You Had an Engine Tune Up?

You may hear the phrase “engine tune up” and think that it refers to older vehicles only. Many drivers with newer cars, trucks, or SUVs may think that their vehicle is “too new,” and doesn’t need much attention. This isn’t always the case. Many vehicles may run into issues, whether it be with the spark plugs or a fuel pump.

Regular vehicle maintenance is the best way to keep your car, truck, or SUV in working order. Engine tune ups are a way to make sure that everything is running properly and that there are no potential issues. This month we’re going to explain the reasoning behind engine tune ups and why you should schedule yours soon.


The Engine Is an Integral Part of Your Vehicle

As all vehicle owners know, the engine is an essential part of the vehicle. Why not treat it as such? Pay close attention to your owner’s manual to check for a maintenance schedule. All vehicles will have their own maintenance schedule, so be sure to check for your own. There are different types of engines out there, and they require different attention. If you’re unsure, talk with your mechanic. Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA, is well-versed in engine tune ups and repair.

As Car and Driver defines it, an engine “converts energy from the heat of burning gasoline” into torque. That torque makes the vehicle go. So, as you can see, the engine is incredibly important to your vehicle!

If you rely on your vehicle to get to school, work, or to complete daily activities, regular maintenance is important. Instead of ignoring that engine light or odd noise that happens when you hit the gas, call your mechanic. The earlier you catch the problem, the better the results may be.


What Is Included in an Engine Tune Up?

An engine tune up is more than just a quick inspection of the engine. There are a few different things that your mechanic will check over during an engine tune up. These include, but are not limited to:

Spark Plugs. Spark plugs are small but mighty. Without them, the engine will lack the “spark” to get moving. Cars.com recommends a spark engine change every 100,000 miles.

Engine Air Filter. Last month we went over engine air filters. These filters catch dirt and debris, keeping your engine clean.

Fuel Pump. The fuel pump is what pumps the gas to the engine. If you notice engine stalling or poor gas mileage, you may have a fuel pump issue.

Fuel Injectors. Fuel injectors spray fuel into the engine. If your vehicle will not start even with gas in the tank, check the injectors.

Points and Condenser. The condenser releases electricity to the spark plugs. Without a functional condenser or points, you may have a rough ride.


After checking over these parts, your mechanic can tell how the engine is performing and if it needs further attention. A quick inspection on your own may help you to determine if the spark plugs or engine air filter need replacing.


Signs Your Engine Needs Professional Attention

Like all vehicle troubles, there are some signs that your engine needs some professional attention. If you notice any of these things, be sure to make an appointment at Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA, right away:

  • Odd noises from the engine
  • Odd smells
  • Engine sputtering or not turning over
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Engine light is on
  • Vehicle does not accelerate
  • You’ve hit the recommended mileage in the owner’s manual


Have you noticed any of these issues with your vehicle? If so, visit Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA. Our mechanics can work on both foreign and domestic vehicles. Keep in mind that many engines will not need attention until they hit the recommended mileage. Any of these issues may be a sign of something more severe.


Engine Tune Ups Can Increase Performance

Engine tune ups can increase vehicle performance. Once you have updated spark plugs, a clean air filter, and a cleaned-out fuel pump, you may notice a smoother ride. Keep an eye on gas mileage and make note if you notice less miles to the gallon. Once you receive regular vehicle maintenance, you may see an increase.


Visit Bass Transmissions for Engine Tune Ups and Repair

Does your engine need a tune up in the Roanoke Valley? Visit Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA. We offer engine tune ups and automotive repair to vehicle owners in the area. Our mechanics have experience working with both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Do not ignore regular vehicle maintenance. Routine tune ups and maintenance will help you get the most out of your vehicle. Reach out today to learn more about our services or to schedule your appointment.


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