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Servicing Transmissions – Know the Signs Before a Slip

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Is Your Transmission Working? Find the Right Mechanic for Repair

When it comes to servicing transmissions, it’s best to find the right mechanic who specializes in rebuilds and repair. Transmissions are an essential part to any vehicle. Without it, your vehicle cannot control the speed and torque, meaning that there is no control over the power that goes to the wheels. There are two types of transmissions, automatic and manual. They both may require different servicing at different points.

This month we’re here to break down the signs of a faulty transmission and what these signs can mean for your vehicle. We’ll also cover your options, like whether to rebuild or replace the transmission. The right mechanic will make the choice based on honesty and the state of the transmission. If you experience transmission problems, do not wait – call on an experienced mechanic at Bass Transmissions for immediate service.


Causes of a Damaged or Faulty Transmission

Much like other parts of the vehicle, the transmission may fail due to a variety of causes or problems. Some include, but are not limited to:

  • Age
  • No or little fluid
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Fluid leaks
  • Worn clutch


There are many reasons that a transmission can fail, and when it occurs, it’s crucial to find a mechanic who specializes in repairs. Without a proper transmission, your vehicle can and will leave you sitting.


Signs that Your Transmission is Defective

If you’re not used to car trouble, then any small pull or sound may cause alarm. Transmissions are relatively easy for your mechanic to diagnose, but the repairs may be costly. Some of the signs that your transmission is faulty may include:

  • Grinding or humming noises
  • A burning smell coming from the front of the vehicle
  • A delay while shifting
  • Vehicle does not stay in gear
  • Increase of RPMs while shifting
  • Transmission fluid looks dirty


Have you noticed any of these issues while driving? If so, there could be something wrong with the transmission. Be sure to make a call right away to a trusted mechanic to inspect the transmission and other parts of the vehicle to see if there are any problems. It’s best to find the problem before it affects the whole system.


Checking the Clutch for Damage or Technical Issues

One problem that both manual and automatic transmissions may see is an issue with the clutch. HowStuffWorks reminds us that vehicles have more than one clutch, meaning that there could be multiple different problems with the transmission if there is a clutch issue. There are a few common problems, like broken cables, mismatched components, or air in the line. Unfortunately, not all clutch problems are so simple and it may need replacing.

The clutch is a very important part of the transmission, and any small problems shouldn’t go untouched. Be sure to call on your mechanic for diagnostics and to check for any clutch issues. If you notice slipping, vibrating, or have trouble changing gears, it could be a problem with the clutch.


Checking Gaskets and Seals for Safe Travels

Another piece of the transmission that may be the issue is the gasket. A broken or damaged gasket or seal can allow transmission fluid to leak about the cabin, ending in costly repair. It Still Runs recommends regular service and routine transmission flushes to check over these important pieces of your vehicle.

Leaks can be slow, meaning that it could take some time to notice any problems. This is just another reason as to why maintenance is so important. If you notice fluid dripping or pooling under your vehicle, be sure to check the transmission fluid regularly.


Should You Rebuild or Replace the Transmission?

Transmissions, no matter the problem, can be a costly fix. While sometimes a mechanic can simply fix a hose or repair an electrical issue, there are some cases where the whole transmission will need replacing. But how do you know what is best for your vehicle?

One thing to keep in mind is that repairs are not always possible. As we mentioned, things like broken gaskets or seals can allow fluid to leak out, damaging multiple parts of the vehicle. This requires more than a new seal – you’ll need to replace whatever else the leak damaged. In most cases, you’ll have to either replace or rebuild the transmission.

If the whole transmission does not need replacement, your mechanic may be able to rebuild it. If this is the case, be sure to find a mechanic that specializes in transmissions. One mistake could completely ruin the transmission, putting you back at square one. We at Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair in Roanoke specialize in transmission services and use parts from only reputable brands.


Call on Bass Transmissions for Effective Transmission Work

Transmissions are complex, and vehicle owners should only turn their vehicle over to a trusted, experienced mechanic for service. Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair in Roanoke, VA, specializes in transmission repair and rebuilds. We can work with both manual and automatic transmissions on foreign and domestic vehicles, getting your vehicle back on the road in no time. On top of that, we are ASE-certified.


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