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Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair in the Roanoke Valley

Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair offers vehicle air conditioning repair & service in Roanoke, VA

Why is my car’s AC blowing hot air?

AC Service at Bass Transmissions Inc. may have the answer to this really burning question. Sure, we may not use air conditioning in our car every day of the year, but when we need it, we expect it to work. What happens when it fails? There are a number of reasons why the AC in your car may be on the fritz. Bring it to Bass!

AC Maintenance & Repair – Bring it to Bass!

Bass Transmissions Inc. technicians are skilled in diagnosing and repairing AC problems. Our air conditioning service professionals work on all makes and models, and they can:

  • Evacuate the system’s refrigerant
  • Inspect and test accessible components for leaks or damage
  • Inspect and test the A/C compressor
  • Recharge the air conditioning system with the proper amount of refrigerant
  • Vacuum test the system

For AC evacuation and recharge, we have the tools and experience to safely remove the refrigerant. We then recharge the system with the right amount of the proper refrigerant according to the manufacturer. This process helps us find any leaks in the AC system.

AC Leaks – A Big Problem Can Be Fixed

AC leaks can be one of the answers to the burning AC question. The refrigerant may be low, and this may be come from a leak caused by a failed part:

  • Worn or Brittle Seals
  • Worn or Brittle O-rings
  • Hoses
  • Loose Fittings
  • Loose Connections

Over time, leaks get worse and damage other parts of the air conditioning system, such as the compressor and evaporator. Because the refrigerants and are not good for the environment, these are now regulated by the government. It is another reason to have your AC system maintained and repaired promptly.

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