Brakes and Brake Service – Bass Transmission and Auto Repair in VA

Roanoke Valley Auto Repair Services – Brakes

Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair offers brake repair & maintenance in Roanoke, VA in Roanoke, VA

Brakes, as every car-loving driver must admit, are the most important mechanical feature of every vehicle. As much as we love our engines, and appreciate transmissions, we do not envy Fred Flintstone when it comes to having our feet make our car stop. Having working brakes is critical to the safe operation of our cars, no doubt about it.

Brakes and Vehicle Maintenance All Year Round

The professional mechanics at Bass Transmissions Inc. are happy to check out your vehicle’s brakes. Foreign and domestic models all travel the same hilly roads, need to be able to stop at the same intersections, and maneuver in all types of weather. Bass Transmissions specialize in vehicle maintenance to keep your brakes working all year round.

Brake Service: Brake Shoes, Pads, Rotors, Calipers, New Brakes

Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair will expertly check every aspect of your braking system, depending on your make and model:

  • Actuators
  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
  • Blacking Plate
  • Brake Assemblies
  • Brake Fluids
  • Brake Hydraulics
  • Brake Lines
  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Shoes
  • Brake Tubes & Hoses
  • Brake Valves
  • Caliper & Support
  • Disk Brakes
  • Drum Brakes
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)
  • Linings
  • Master Cylinder
  • Parking/Emergency Brake
  • Power Brake Booster
  • Return Springs
  • Rotor
  • Sensors
  • Wheel Cylinder