How Often to Change the Transmission Fluid

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Learn About Fluid Basics from Bass Transmissions How often to change transmission fluid is our focus this month. This is a question frequently asked by many drivers. At Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA, our team is ready to do more than just answer the question. Our trained and certified technicians are here when you are […]

Top Winter Tips for Your Car


Bass Transmissions Offers Helpful Top Winter Tips Here are some top winter tips for your car, from the car care pros at Bass Transmissions. There are a variety of ways that you can prepare for winter driving situations. Here in Virginia, we can get a mixture of various types of weather. We hope these tips […]

How Often You Should Change Your Transmission Fluid

A Well-Working Transmission Keeps the Vehicle Moving Bass Transmission in Roanoke, VA, can advise you on how often you should change your transmission fluid. The transmission’s main job is to deliver engine power to the wheels. A typical transmission uses 5 or 6 gear sets that engage or disengage with each other to increase or […]

Before a Visit to Bass Transmissions

Helpful Tips Before a Visit to Bass Transmissions Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA, wants to advise our customers on what to do before a visit to our shop. The Virginia State Police requires that every vehicle registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia undergoes a safety and operating inspection once every 12 months. Luckily for residents […]

Servicing CVT Transmissions

What Is A CVT Transmission? Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA, is your authority on servicing CVT transmissions. Continuously variable transmissions (CVT) are not a new invention in the world of internal combustion engines and transportation. They have, however, seen a rise in popularity in larger passenger vehicles since the 1980s. CVTs are a fuel-efficient option […]

Engine Oil: When to Change and What Type to Use


Oil Is the Lifeblood of An Engine Do you know when to change the engine oil and what type to use? Oil is arguably the most important fluid to put in a car. It acts as a lubricant for engine parts. In some types of engines, carries heat away from the engine block allowing for […]

What’s That Smell? A Guide to Cabin Air Filters   


Know Where to Find the Cabin Air Filter    If you smell something odd, it might be time to change your air filter. When was the last time you changed or at least cleaned your car’s cabin air filter? Is your cabin air filter difficult to get to? Do you have a strange smell coming from […]

Car Batteries and Cold Weather


To Start or Not to Start As crazy as it seems, weather and air temperatures can have an effect car batteries and cold weather. A car battery is the first piece in the chain of parts that allows the engine to run. But how does it all work? In this blog, we’ll take a look […]

Weather Affects Tire Pressure


Tire Pressure Changes During the Winter and Summer If you’ve been driving long enough, you’ve noticed how weather affects tire pressure. As temperatures fluctuate during the winter and summer, you’ve probably encountered tire pressure issues. Tire pressure changes are more likely to happen in the cold of winter, but summer can be a culprit too. […]

What to Check Before a Vehicle Safety Inspection


Do Your Own Inspecting Before the Yearly Safety Inspection Drivers should know what to check before a vehicle safety inspection in Virginia. Under Virginia law, vehicle owners are required to get a safety inspection once a year. Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair performs safety inspections with our automotive repair services at our shop in Roanoke, […]