Car Batteries and Cold Weather


To Start or Not to Start As crazy as it seems, weather and air temperatures can have an effect car batteries and cold weather. A car battery is the first piece in the chain of parts that allows the engine to run. But how does it all work? In this blog, we’ll take a look […]

Weather Affects Tire Pressure


Tire Pressure Changes During the Winter and Summer If you’ve been driving long enough, you’ve noticed how weather affects tire pressure. As temperatures fluctuate during the winter and summer, you’ve probably encountered tire pressure issues. Tire pressure changes are more likely to happen in the cold of winter, but summer can be a culprit too. […]

What to Check Before a Vehicle Safety Inspection


Do Your Own Inspecting Before the Yearly Safety Inspection Drivers should know what to check before a vehicle safety inspection in Virginia. Under Virginia law, vehicle owners are required to get a safety inspection once a year. Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair performs safety inspections with our automotive repair services at our shop in Roanoke, […]

Why Your Vehicle Shakes While Braking


Here Are 3 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Shakes When Braking You might be wondering today why your vehicle shakes while braking. Your vehicle and steering wheel have suddenly started to shake when you apply the brakes. If this happens to your vehicle, you should make an appointment with Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair for brake […]

Air Filter Changes Increase Gas Mileage


Bass Transmissions: Changing the Air Filter Can Improve Fuel Economy  If you’re looking for an advantage over high gas prices, you might be surprised that air filter changes increase gas mileage. Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair wants you to get the best performance out of your vehicle. We also want you to be able to […]

When to Service Your Transmission


Bass Transmissions Recommends Every 50,000 Miles for Older Vehicles You know when to perform an oil change and radiator flush, but you might not know when to service your transmission. Many vehicle owners don’t even think of their transmission until they have a problem with it. But if you don’t take care of the transmission, […]

Winterize Your Car with a Radiator Flush


Radiator Flushes in the Fall Get Your Car Ready for Winter If you want to extend your car’s life, and keep it running well, winterize your car with a radiator flush. Most car owners know they should change the oil and have the proper tire pressure during the winter. They might not be aware, though, […]

What You Need to Know About Safety Inspections


Virginia Drivers are Required to Get Annual Safety Inspections Do you know that Virginia drivers are required to get safety inspections for their vehicles at least once a year? If you’re a new driver, or a new resident of the state of Virginia, you might not have known that. But if you live in Virginia […]

Here’s Why You Should Get a Transmission Flush


Transmission Flushes Are Important for Your Vehicle If you’ve owned your vehicle for a long time, you might not have considered getting a transmission flush. If vehicle maintenance is far from your expertise, you might be unaware about transmission flushes. You know you have to get regular oil changes and tire rotations, but why do […]

When Should You Flush Your Radiator’s Antifreeze?


Fall and Summer Are Good Times to Flush Your Radiator’s Coolant Most vehicle owners know when they should change their oil, but do you know when should you flush your radiator’s antifreeze? In our experience at Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair, the best time to flush your antifreeze is in the fall. But it can […]