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Essential Safety Inspection Tips


Stay Safe on the Road with Bass Transmissions in Roanoke This month, Bass Transmissions investigates some essential safety inspection tips. Every Roanoke-area driver anticipates a safe journey, so we offer the following reminders. –When was the last time you inspected your brakes, tires, fluids, and lights? Read on for some essential safety inspection tips.   […]

Do You Need New Brake Rotors for Your Vehicle?


Rotors Are an Essential Part of the Brake System Brake rotors are an essential part of the brake system, but do you know what they are? Last month we discussed brake maintenance, and briefly explained the purpose of rotors for your vehicle. Connected to each wheel, rotors help to slow the vehicle down. Rotors are […]

Brake Maintenance is Necessary for All Vehicles


Brakes Are a Key Part in Vehicle Safety When it comes to vehicle safety, many drivers must know the importance of regular brake maintenance. The brakes allow the vehicle to decelerate and make a stop. Without functional brakes, drivers and passengers are at risk of injury due to accidents. There are a handful of signs […]