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Top Winter Tips for Your Car

Bass Transmissions Offers Helpful Top Winter Tips

Here are some top winter tips for your car, from the car care pros at Bass Transmissions. There are a variety of ways that you can prepare for winter driving situations. Here in Virginia, we can get a mixture of various types of weather. We hope these tips will add safety and security to your winter driving.



Winter Tire Tips to Meet Winter Conditions

By now, many drivers have made the switch to winter tires. Some drivers may get by with all-season tires. But extremely cold temperatures can freeze and harden the compounds in those tires not specifically rated for winter use.



  • Maintain good tire pressure and refill as needed.
  • Changing temperatures can affect tire traction.
  • Tires rated for winter use provide better traction in all conditions, especially ice, snow, and slush.



Service-Related Winter Tips for Vehicles

Keep the gas level in the tank at least half full. Here are a few more car care-related items:

  • Battery power decreases along with the temperature, so it takes more power to start your car in the winter months. For reliable winter performance, install a batter at or above 600 CCA.
  • Brakes on your car work the same, but inspecting them thoroughly will let you know of any possible problems. Also inspect belts, cables, hoses, spark plugs, and wires to avoid stranding your vehicle on the side of the road.
  • Your car’s cooling system can become an issue in winter. Our technician can check for the appropriate coolant-to-water mixture to help prevent potential freezing and corrosion.



Winter Tips for Windows

Keep washer fluid full and replace it often. Winter driving often means using more fluid. As with antifreeze, ensure that it has the proper ratio best suited for winter driving. Keep front and rear defrosters in good working order. Several states require that windows must be clear of condensation and debris.


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