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Why Avoid Potholes?

Bass Transmissions Answers Another Driving Problem

Why avoid potholes on the road? Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA, responds to another frequently asked question from area drivers. At certain times of the year, potholes can be plentiful and almost unavoidable. So why avoid them? It’s not a sinkhole, so what’s the problem if a driver hits a pothole?



Pothole Avoidance 101 – Let’s Look at the Basics

When you drive at speed down the road, a pothole may not look like much, until you hit one. Freezing and thawing cycles affect Virginia roads and cause potholes, and the traffic on the roads worsens them. Not driving over them is the first way to lessen the pothole problem.



Other Ways to Limit or Lessen Possible Vehicle Damage from Potholes

Hitting a pothole can result in several tire issues requiring car care, from blowouts to poor alignment. Many drivers cannot avoid driving over a pothole, so here are some tips to help vehicle damage to a minimum:


  • Slow down as much as possible. Hitting a pothole at a faster speed can cause greater damage.
  • If it is a rainy day, prepare for puddles and splashing. Watch for other vehicles and pedestrians when driving over a pothole.
  • Give some extra space and avoid braking, but do not swerve to avoid the pothole. You may hit the edge of the pothole and cause more damage than hitting it straight on.
  • Keep tires full and inspect them for possible damage. Have a towing or road service number handy in case of a blowout or emergency.



Why Avoid Potholes? It All Adds Up

Potholes, these “little dangers,” can result in substantial headaches for drivers. According to one AAA report, U.S. drivers spend $3 billion on pothole damage repairs annually. It all adds up, so it is a great question to ask and potholes are situations best to avoid.


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