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Your Car’s Vital Fluids

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If you drive, you may already know that your vehicle relies on various types of fluids to function effectively. At Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA, we want to help you understand just what those fluids are, and why they’re important. In doing so, you can ensure your car runs smoothly, and your trips are always safe. The three essential fluids we’ll discuss today are engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant.


Engine Oil: Your Car’s Lifeblood

Engine oil is often referred to as the lifeblood of your vehicle. It lubricates the moving parts of your engine, reducing friction and keeping your car running smoothly. Over time, this oil can get dirty or degrade, which may lead to engine damage. Regular oil changes are therefore crucial for the longevity of your vehicle. At Bass Transmissions, we offer top-notch oil changes that will keep your engine in tip-top shape, enhancing its performance and extending its life.


Transmission Fluid: The Unsung Hero

Unlike engine oil, which people usually know about, transmission fluid is the unsung hero of your vehicle. This fluid is responsible for keeping your transmission (the part of your car that switches gears) operating smoothly. When your transmission fluid runs low or gets dirty, your car might experience shifting problems, which could lead to expensive repairs. Beyond maintaining or replacing fluid, Bass Transmissions technicians are experts in recognizing and solving transmission-related problems.


Coolant: The Ultimate Heat Shield

Lastly, we have the coolant or antifreeze, your car’s ultimate heat shield. This fluid absorbs heat from the engine and dispels it through the radiator, preventing overheating that could damage your engine severely. Regular coolant checks are a must, especially before a long road trip or during hot summer days. Here at Bass Transmissions, we can conduct these checks and provide coolant replacements if needed.


In conclusion, maintaining these three vital fluids – engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant – can significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. At Bass Transmissions in Roanoke, VA, we’re here to help you understand and maintain your car’s vital fluids for a smoother, safer drive.



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