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Air Filter Changes Increase Gas Mileage

Bass Transmissions: Changing the Air Filter Can Improve Fuel Economy 

If you’re looking for an advantage over high gas prices, you might be surprised that air filter changes increase gas mileage. Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair wants you to get the best performance out of your vehicle. We also want you to be able to go for longer periods without having to fuel up. We’d like to help you increase gas mileage. When your vehicle is guzzling gas quickly, and you’re feeling the money pinch, change the air filter.


You can change the air filter yourself or trust our experienced technicians to perform the air filter change. It will depend on how comfortable you are with vehicle maintenance. In this month’s blog, we’re focusing on how air filter changes increase gas mileage in your vehicle.


Good Air Filters Trap Particles Like Dirt and Dust

The engine air filter is positioned inside a cold air collector box near the front of the engine compartment. The air filter is a rectangular-sized pleated filter. The air filter traps particles like dirt, dust, mud, and other debris in the air before it flows into the engine. When an air filer is performing the way it should, it only allows clean air into the engine.


You Can Prevent Engine Failure with Air Filter Changes

When unfiltered air overtakes the engine, the engine will wear out faster, and gas mileage will decrease. Dirt and dust are harmless in small volumes, but they can be harmful in large quantities. Vehicle engines, like our lungs, take in a vast amount of air. If dust infiltrates the engine, it will damage the components. It is very costly to replace an engine. In fact, the engine replacement could cost more than what the vehicle is worth. So, it’s better to prevent engine failure with air filter changes, which then increase gas mileage.


Older Vehicles Have to Compensate for Dirty Air Filters

When your air filter is very dirty or clogged, your engine won’t be able to operate properly. Engines with over 50,000 miles have to compensate for dirty air by burning more fuel to travel at the same speed. Engines with less than 50,000 miles may also struggle to perform at their best. A dirty or clogged air filter can even cause problems with newer vehicles.


Dirty Air Filters Increase Gas Mileage by Almost Ten Percent

Car owners perform air filter changes in their vehicles about every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Vehicle owners should check the owner’s manual to be sure. You can also have one of our team members inspect it during your next oil change. According to Reader’s Digest, a dirty air filter increases fuel usage by almost 10 percent:


Your engine sucks in 53-million liters of air through the filter every year. On older vehicles (pre-1999), a dirty air filter increases fuel usage by almost 10 percent. On newer vehicles, the computer is smart enough to detect the lower airflow, and it cuts back on fuel. So your engine will lack power and pick-up. Check the filter when you change your oil and replace it at least once a year, or more if you drive in dirty, dusty conditions.

Source: How to Get Better Gas Mileage: 12 Proven Strategies | Reader’s Digest (readersdigest.ca)


It’s Likely You Can Change the Air Filter Yourself

We invite concerned vehicle owners to make an appointment with us for automotive repair if they want air filter changes. If you don’t have to time to visit Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair, you can change the air filter yourself. When performing air filter changes, make sure that you use the right filter for your vehicle make and model. Air filters come in various shapes, designs and sizes. If you’re not familiar with filters, you can check with auto parts stores. The employees there can help you find a filter for your exact make and model.


Check with Auto Parts Stores About Generic Air Filters

If you’re worried about the price, good auto parts stores will sell generic air filters that make good replacements. Some stores might be able to find you the exact air filter replacement for your vehicle. You might also be able to obtain the replacement from the vehicle manufacturer.


Make Sure You Can Access Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

To begin air filter changes, open the hood of your car, and make sure you can access your air filter. You’ve probably found out some newer automobiles are making it difficult to reach components like the filter and battery. If you can’t access the air filter, schedule an appointment with Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair.


Note the Month and Year of the Air Filter Replacement

If you can access the filter, take it out and check it. Air filters in new vehicles should be clean. If the air filter is dirty or clogged, install the replacement. Note the month and year of the air filter changes. By doing air filter changes on your vehicle, you will do your part to increase gas mileage.


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