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Why Your Vehicle Shakes While Braking

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Shakes When Braking

You might be wondering today why your vehicle shakes while braking. Your vehicle and steering wheel have suddenly started to shake when you apply the brakes. If this happens to your vehicle, you should make an appointment with Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair for brake service. The shaking most likely is because of your brakes. In this month’s blog, we’re focusing on why your vehicle shakes while braking.


Brake Rotor Problems Are a Likely Reason for Shaking

The most likely reason why your vehicle shakes while braking is brake rotor problems. Brake rotors are those large metal discs connected to the vehicle’s wheel hub assembly, or axle. Their location is between the two brake pads. When the brake pads squeeze against the rotor, it slows and stops the vehicle because of the brake caliper. The brake caliper uses hydraulic fluid pressure from the master cylinder, which the brake pedal activates.


Over time, one or more of the brake rotors might become warped. When that happens, your vehicle begins to shake when you brake. You should have one of our experienced technicians inspect your brake rotors.


Brake Caliper Issues Could Be a Reason Why Your Vehicle Shakes

Your vehicle’s brake problem could be from your brake calipers. Brake calipers push the brake pads against the rotors. When a driver applies the brakes, hydraulic brake fluid fills flows into the caliper. As a result, it forces the caliper piston outward and against the pads, which slows the rotor.


You Could Hear Strange Sounds and Smell Odors from Brake Calipers

When the caliper or caliper pistons stick, it is unable to squeeze the brake pads against the rotors. That may cause the shakes when you apply the brakes. Your vehicle’s brake pedal might not respond like you want. Drivers might hear unusual sounds while braking. They could even smell a burning odor from brake pads overheating, and the rotors squeezing excessively.


Worn Brake Pads Could Cause Vehicle Shaking

The truth is brake pads will wear down over time. When that happens, it could cause the shakes. If your vehicle shakes when stepping on the brakes, and you hear a squealing sound, you have worn brake pads. It’s time to contact Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair to replace your brake pads.


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