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Engine Oil: When to Change and What Type to Use

Oil Is the Lifeblood of An Engine

Do you know when to change the engine oil and what type to use? Oil is arguably the most important fluid to put in a car. It acts as a lubricant for engine parts. In some types of engines, carries heat away from the engine block allowing for more power and fuel efficiency.


Along with other proper and routine vehicle maintenance, changing the oil is one of the most crucial things to do. When it comes to choosing the right oil and how often to change it, you may have questions. In this month’s blog, we’ll answer some of them.


No Two Engine Oils Are the Same

The similarities between oils and even oil brands can be difficult to understand. There are 3 major types of oil on the market today: conventional, high-mileage, and synthetic blend. All of these oils do different things within the engine. Conventional oil comes in a variety of qualities.


It meets the basic qualifications and standards of the engine manufacturer but doesn’t contain any special additives. High mileage oil is made for vehicles with over 75,000 miles. It contains additives that reduce oil burn-off, leaks and detergents to break up carbon deposits. A synthetic blend oil mixture of synthetic and conventional oils provides higher resistance to oxidation and better low-temperature performance.


Follow Some DIY Oil Changes

Changing the oil yourself can be an easy weekend project, if you have everything you need. Even before opening the hood, check the vehicle’s owner’s manual. There will be information about what type of oil the manufacturer suggests and how often to change it.


Suggestions about compatible oil filters and other important information about changing the oil will also be in the manual. A quick phone call to your local dealership or mechanic can also be helpful in choosing the right oil. It can also make sure you have all the right supplies to change the oil yourself.


Know When to Change the Engine Oil

Most engines today recommend oil changes at every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. In some high performance engines or if your car requires full-synthetic motor oil, you might go up to 15,000 miles! It all depends on what the engine or vehicle manufacturer recommends. Remembering to get an oil change is the most important things you can do to avoid repairs.


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