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What’s That Smell? A Guide to Cabin Air Filters   

Know Where to Find the Cabin Air Filter   

If you smell something odd, it might be time to change your air filter. When was the last time you changed or at least cleaned your car’s cabin air filter? Is your cabin air filter difficult to get to? Do you have a strange smell coming from your air vents? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the blog for you. Just about everything you need to know is in this guide to cabin air filters.


Get a Cool and Comfortable Ride   

A cabin air filter is one of the least remembered car parts that aids in a comfortable trip for everyone. The cabin filter’s main role is removing dust, pollen, and fumes from other vehicles before entering your car. A clean air filter can work wonders for the freshness and healthiness of the air in the vehicle’s interior. Replacing it regularly is one of the best ways to extend the life of the HVAC and avoid future issues.


Understand Where’s the Filter?   

Just about all vehicles on the road today require specific sizes and shapes of air filters. The most difficult part about replacing an air filter is finding it. Most car’s air filters in the dashboard, behind or underneath the glove box. Some vehicle manufacturers may require removing the glove box to get to the air filter. So check your owner’s manual for specific instructions before removing any pieces of the dashboard.


Other cars have the air filter above the glove box. You can get to them from the outside by lifting the hood and opening a small panel below the windshield. Almost all vehicle manufacturers have a different way of getting to the air filter, so check the owner’s manual.


Know the Benefits of a Clean Filter   

Cabin air filters are made of an engineered synthetic material or paper-based, multifiber cotton. This filter is folded and pleated with a large surface area to trap large amounts of pollutants. When the filters begin to fill up, your HVAC system might not work properly. You may begin to feel less air coming through the vents or smell sour, musty odors.


These are both clear indicators of an issue within the HVAC system or the air filter. It just might be time to replace it. When doing so, be careful not to bump the filter or tip in the opposite direction. You’ll end up with dust all over the floor and your clothes.        


Need a Tune-Up?

Tune ups and routine maintenance are one of the easiest ways to keep your engine operating at its peak. When it comes to your vehicle’s HVAC system, making sure it works properly is one of the best luxuries. When any part of the HVAC system isn’t working quite right, bring your car to us. Bass Transmissions Inc. technicians know a lot about diagnosing and repairing AC problems. Our air conditioning professionals work on all makes and models so we can get you back on the road


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