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Here’s Why You Should Get a Transmission Flush

Transmission Flushes Are Important for Your Vehicle

If you’ve owned your vehicle for a long time, you might not have considered getting a transmission flush. If vehicle maintenance is far from your expertise, you might be unaware about transmission flushes. You know you have to get regular oil changes and tire rotations, but why do you have to get a transmission flush? At Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair in Roanoke, VA, we recommend that most vehicles should have a transmission flush regularly. We perform affordable transmission flushes for vehicle owners in Roanoke, VA, and our surrounding service areas.

The Transmission is Your Vehicle’s Gearbox

You might not be familiar with the transmission, or what exactly we are flushing from it. A transmission is your vehicle’s gearbox. We are flushing transmission fluid from the transmission. You are familiar with motor oil, but you might be unfamiliar with transmission fluid. Transmission fluid acts as an oil and a hydraulic, which helps your transmission work effectively.

Transmission Flushes Replace Old Fluid with New Fluids

Okay, you want to do what’s best for your vehicle. A transmission flush sounds like a good way to take care of it. What is a transmission flush? When you flush the transmission, it replaces the old transmission fluid with new fluids. A transmission flush also cleans the transmission. According to Midas, a transmission flush extends the life of your vehicle:

“A transmission flush helps maximize the lifespan and performance of your automatic transmission — one of the most expensive vehicle parts to replace. It does not help with preexisting transmission problems, however.”

Source: What Is A Transmission Flush and Does My Car Need It? (midas.com)

Our Technicians Use Special Equipment to Flush the Transmission

Bass Transmission & Automotive Repair’s technician will use special equipment to flush out the old fluid. The special equipment also will pump in the new, clean fluid. Cleaning agents may also be included in the new fluid. You can trust our transmission flushes and transmission repairs.

Flushing is More Effective Than Draining a Transmission

Transmission industry experts have debated about whether a full flush or a drain and replacement of fluid is preferable. At Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair, we prefer a transmission flush. A full transmission flush removes contaminants and any dirt or debris that builds up in your gearbox over time. When you just drain the fluid, it does not do this, and it also can’t get all of the fluid out. Draining the transmission leaves some of the old fluid, while flushing totally empties the transmission.

Dirt, Grease and Sludge Will Affect Your Transmission

How will you know when you need a transmission flush? Often, there are signs that your vehicle needs a transmission flush. When dirt, grease, sludge, and other filth infiltrate your transmission, it begins showing signs as if it does not have enough fluid. When you notice your transmission making strange sounds or grinding, you should check out the transmission fluid. You or a qualified professional should check out the fluid while the vehicle is still running.

Here Are Signs that Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Flush

  • Transmission Making Grinding or Strange Noises
  • Your Vehicle Makes Unexpected Surges Forward or Backward
  • Delay in Vehicle Movement
  • Problems Shifting Gears
  • Slipping Gears

Is Your Vehicle Slipping Out of Gear?

When you notice that your vehicle is slipping out of gear, it may be time for a transmission flush. If you are driving fast on a highway, and feel the car make an abrupt movement, the gear might be slipping. Drivers might notice that when they shift gears, the shift is rough, slow, or delayed. Your transmission fluid could be low. When you try to shift into reverse or drive, are your vehicle’s gears sticking? Then it’s a good time to have our team perform a transmission flush.

Get a Transmission Flush Every 40,000 Miles

If you don’t notice any problems with your transmission, when should you perform a transmission flush? There is a lot of different opinions on that, ranging from every 30,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Your owner’s manual might say how often your vehicle should get a transmission flush. But at Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair, we suggest doing around every 40,000 miles, just to be safe. If you are particularly hard on your vehicle, you might need it sooner.

Transmission Flushes Are Less Expensive Than Replacement

If you’re concerned about how much it will cost to get a transmission flush, we understand. It can be hard to come up with money during hard economic times. But when you get a flush, it is more inexpensive than spending thousands of dollars to replace your transmission. In some cases, the cost of replacing the transmission may be more than what the vehicle is worth. Our transmission flush extends the life of your car and reduces your expenses over time.

Are you looking for a quality automotive repair center? Call Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair in Roanoke, VA, at (540) 345-8871 or follow us on Facebook for updates. We proudly serve vehicle owners throughout the Roanoke Valley. Reach out today for us for a transmission flush.Are you looking for a quality automotive repair center? Call Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair in Roanoke, VA, at (540) 345-8871 or follow us on Facebook for updates. We proudly serve vehicle owners throughout the Roanoke Valley. Reach out today for us for a transmission flush.