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When Should You Flush Your Radiator’s Antifreeze?

Fall and Summer Are Good Times to Flush Your Radiator’s Coolant

Most vehicle owners know when they should change their oil, but do you know when should you flush your radiator’s antifreeze? In our experience at Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair, the best time to flush your antifreeze is in the fall. But it can also be beneficial to flush the coolant in the summer if you didn’t do in the fall. We realize radiator and antifreeze flushes aren’t at the forefront of vehicle maintenance for vehicle owners. But, if you don’t take care of the radiator in your vehicle, you could have trouble down the road.


Antifreeze Regulates the Water Inside Your Auto’s Radiator

Antifreeze, or coolant, regulates the water inside your automobile’s radiator. The antifreeze prevents the water from freezing over in cold temperatures, and from boiling during the hot summer months. So, the best times for the flush are the fall and summer. Antifreeze also provides a lubricant in the water pump and other essential components. Most modern vehicles typically have cooling systems that auto manufacturers design to last up to 100,000 miles. But that performance could fluctuate depending on your driving habits. Some Roanoke, VA, drivers could find their vehicles needing more maintenance than they expected.


New Vehicles Should Get a Radiator Flush Every 40,000 Miles

There is a vast array of opinions in the vehicle repair field about how often you should do your radiator flush. Some experts say you should do it annually. Others say you should do transmission flush every three to five years. If you have a new car with less than 10,000 miles on it, you won’t need to do a radiator flush for at least a year. What if your car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle had no other signs of needing a radiator flush? Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair recommends a transmission flush every 40,000 miles. Your owner’s manual might recommended a different time frame.


Here is What We Do When We Flush the Antifreeze from the Radiator

When we perform a radiator flush, our technician pumps up to five gallons of antifreeze through the cooling system. During the process, our technician flushes all of the old antifreeze out, including any contaminants built up over time. We later add new antifreeze to the clean system to increase its effectiveness. We want to make sure that your vehicle is running at its peak effectiveness. Radiator flushes are one of our most important auto repairs.


Flushing Antifreeze Prevents Costly Damage to Your Cooling System

An antifreeze flush offers freeze and overheating protection and improves cabin heater efficiency. According to Blue Devil Products, you need the proper ratio or antifreeze and water in the radiator. This special mix prevents big problems and continued protection against overheating:


“Without the proper ratios of antifreeze and water, it is possible that your cooling system may freeze during the winter months on cold nights.  Since water expands as it turns into ice it can have catastrophic effects on your cooling system, causing damage and even cracks in your engine.  Also, your vehicle uses hot engine coolant to warm the passenger cabin by running the coolant through the heater core and blowing cabin air over it.  It is possible that over the summer while not using the heater it may have become blocked, leaving you with only cold air.”

Source: How Often do I Need to do a Coolant Flush? – BlueDevil Products (gobdp.com)


Our Radiator Flushes Offer Several Advantages, Including:


Radiator Flushes Lubricate the Water Pump

Antifreeze has highly important additives that continually lubricate the water pump. Lubrications allow the water pump to work efficiently. You will be glad to know the result is it extends lifespan and reduces the risk of damage.

Antifreeze Flush Removes Contaminants

Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair does an antifreeze flush to remove harmful contaminants from your radiator. As everybody knows, the more miles you put on your vehicle, the more you can expect wear and tear. Rust deposits can prevent the antifreeze from flowing correctly, resulting in overheating that can damage the engine and radiator.

Preventing Rust and Foam Build-Up

An antifreeze flush also offers a protective element. Additives within the antifreeze not only lubricate the water pump, but they also prevent rust and foam. Old antifreeze loses properties over time, which makes flushing and replacing the coolant very important.

Our Technician Will Give a Thorough Inspection

When we perform an antifreeze flush, our technician will give a thorough inspection of your cooling system. We will perform several pressure tests to check for holes and leaks within the cooling system. Our staff will communicate to you any problems the technician found, and what further services are needed.


You’ve Probably Experienced the Dreaded Radiator Overheating

If you’ve ever experienced your vehicle overheating in Roanoke or any our service areas, you know how important the radiator is. It’s an awful feeling when you see smoke flowing from underneath the hood as you drive on a warm summer day. You have to pull over to the side of the road or in a parking lot and wait for the radiator to cool down before adding coolant. It can be very stressful. So, maintaining the radiator is vitally important.


Protect One of Your Biggest Investments with Radiator Flushing

It’s natural to want to keep vehicle maintenance costs at a minimum, especially during tough economic times. But your vehicle is one of your biggest investments. You’ll want to keep your vehicle running at its best for many years. Radiator flushing and other preventive maintenance in the fall and summer helps extend your vehicle’s life. If your antifreeze is leaking, or the temperature increases significantly, call Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair to make an appointment.


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