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Engine Oil: When to Change and What Type to Use


Oil Is the Lifeblood of An Engine Do you know when to change the engine oil and what type to use? Oil is arguably the most important fluid to put in a car. It acts as a lubricant for engine parts. In some types of engines, carries heat away from the engine block allowing for […]

Air Filter Changes Increase Gas Mileage


Bass Transmissions: Changing the Air Filter Can Improve Fuel Economy  If you’re looking for an advantage over high gas prices, you might be surprised that air filter changes increase gas mileage. Bass Transmissions & Automotive Repair wants you to get the best performance out of your vehicle. We also want you to be able to […]

Do You Know the Importance of Oil Changes for Your Vehicle?


Is Your Vehicle Ready for an Oil Change? Do Not Wait Do you know the importance of oil changes for your vehicle? Many vehicle owners know oil changes are part of regular auto maintenance, but may not know why it’s so important. This month, we’re going to explain the importance of oil changes and why […]

Engine Tune Ups to Keep Your Vehicle Running


When Is The Last Time You Had an Engine Tune Up? You may hear the phrase “engine tune up” and think that it refers to older vehicles only. Many drivers with newer cars, trucks, or SUVs may think that their vehicle is “too new,” and doesn’t need much attention. This isn’t always the case. Many […]